This webpage’s Commission Policy sets out the basis on which OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency, collects Commission fees from you and how the fees would be collected.

By visiting our website (our “Site”), you accept and consent to the practices set out below. You must not use our Site if you disagree with any of our practices in our Commission Policy. This policy is applied to all visitors, users, others who access or use this Site, or anyone that requests the Services of OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency, be it requesting a tutor or registering as a Tutor.

  1. The agent commission fees are levied onto tutors via collection of tuition fees.

  2. OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency will collect tuition fees for the first 2 weeks of active lessons as Commission fees. The first 2 weeks of tuition fees are paid to OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency, thereafter tuition fees can be paid to the tutor directly.

  3. Any commission fees collected by OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency will not be refunded in case of any disputes.

  4. If the tutor, student or parent decides to cancel the lesson before or after 2 weeks of active lessons, the commission collected will strictly not be refunded. It is the tutor's responsibility to sustain a good relationship with the student/parent to avoid any abrupt cancellation of tutors.

  5. Student/Parent are to facilitate the payment of commission to OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency for the first 2 weeks of active lessons. Payment is to be made to OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency by the due date stipulated in the official invoice. An administrative fee of $5 will be imposed if payment is not received by 2359H on the day of due date.

  6. If there are any changes in tuition frequency such as additional lessons, please do inform your respective tuition coordinator from OneTutor Co Home Tuition Agency.

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