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[5 MINUTES READ] This page aims to provide a comprehensive guide for our tutors at OneTutor Co. To view the list of daily assignments available, click here to join our Telegram Channel.

Every day, we receive more than 10 applicants for each assignment. Our coordinators work round the clock to ensure that tutor's profiles are up to standard before we send it over to the parents for review. If your application is erroneous or not on par with other tutors, you will be out of the selection.

In order for your application to stand a much higher chance, we have compiled a list of commonly made mistakes:

1) Typographical/Punctuation errors

- Many tutors go through the motion and do not proof-read their own application.

- Coordinators are not allowed to edit your typo mistakes as it might change your original intended meaning, e.g. Let's eat grandma vs Let's eat, grandma.

- e.g. "I teach Englsih language" is the most ironic mistake you can make in your application as an English tutor.

2) Input the wrong information (not answering the bot)

- Many tutors do not answer what the bot asks for.

- e.g. tutor inputs the assignment code for their age. What is your age? "9072". It will not make any sense to parents.

3) Insufficient qualification & experiences provided

- Many tutors provide little to insufficient information in their application, which makes it hard for them to be considered compared to other tutors, who have a complete and 'looks more legitimate' profile.

"A Levels"


"Graduated from Raffles Institution with As in General Paper, H2 Mathematics, H2 Economics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Economics.

Currently a Nanyang Scholar at NTU pursuing a double degree in Business and Computer Science (BCG)."

"Have experience"


"Over 2 years of home tutoring experience, taught 5 students for PSLE Mathematics, all of them scored minimally A grade."

If your application looks more like the former than the latter, from the parents point of view you will be rejected right away.

Final Note:

We will only contact applicants that parents are keen to engage. If you have applied for numerous assignments and do not hear from us at all, chances are you are not putting enough effort in your application for parents to consider you at all. For tutors who put up a decent profile, parents will be keen to engage them and they will usually hear from us after applying for about 2-3 assignments.

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